Apple releases OS X El Capitan, featuring full-screen Split View, new Notes …

The final release is solid, and I've been on El Capitan since beta 1. It's come a long way. If you don't like the idea of Apple's new “rootless” system (or like things like brew) here are directions to disable it:

Tomorrow, you'll be prompted to update your Macbook or iMac from OS X Yosemite to El Capitan. An iterative update compared to Yosemite's massive overhaul, El Cap still packs some solid features and performance 

Sincerely, El Capitan My Capitan. Dear Capitan, One thing is clear at this point: Apple is pretty happy with how OS X looks, feels, and functions. The improvements they've made over the past several updates have been strictly 

Apple AAPL +0.00% launched its latest iteration of Mac OS X today, El Capitan, but along with a host of fresh features there are two key weaknesses that researchers have warned leave users open to password theft and malware infection. Both reside in 

Ahead of Yosemite National Park's 125th anniversary on Thursday, Survival's Tesia Bobrycki launched herself off the iconic El Capitan monolith to stop crimes committed in the name of conservation – dangling 3000ft in the air supported only by a rope.