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Bellingcat report: World Central Kitchen support workers were indeed killed by Israel

AA / Istanbul / Emre Basaran

Israeli strikes in Gaza that killed seven aid workers at the US charity World Central Kitchen (WCK) “have the hallmarks of a precision strike,” fact-checking organization Bellingcat said in a report on Tuesday.

Bellingcat’s report refutes an earlier statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the attack that killed the workers was a “tragic case where our forces inadvertently hit innocent people in the Gaza Strip.”

“The destroyed vehicles have precision strike signatures that only the Israeli military has the ability to carry out in the region,” said Nick Waters, an open source analyst at Bellingcat and a former British military officer, in a report citing the Israeli military, which said it was “conducting a thorough review To understand the circumstances of this tragic incident at the highest level.”

“Images taken after the attack show that the WCK vehicles were white and at least one had the WCK logo and name clearly marked on the roof,” Waters said in the report.

Using open-source intelligence and the geolocation of vehicles attacked by Israel, Bellingcat determined that the Israeli strike was deliberate.

“Bellingcat geolocated the vehicles to the outskirts of Deir al-Balah when they were attacked, not far from where WCK’s facilities are located in Deir al-Balah,” the report said.

The document also contains details of three WCK vehicles targeted by Israel.

“Post-attack footage shows three vehicles destroyed by the impact, consistent with WCK’s statement that the convoy included two armored vehicles and one non-armored vehicle,” Waters said in the report, adding that the second vehicle was “more seriously damaged.” and suffered fire damage,” was found to be about 800 meters away.

Providing geolocation data for all three vehicles, the report also said that the last WCK vehicle that Israel attacked was identified about 1.6 kilometers southwest of the first vehicle.

“Of the three vehicles identified, this one appears to have sustained the most damage and may be the unarmed vehicle mentioned in the WCK press release,” Bellingcat reported.

Since it began on October 7, 2023, Israel’s offensive and siege of the Gaza Strip have killed at least 32,916 Palestinians. Israel has also been blamed for the near-famine that is beginning to affect more than 2 million Palestinians. The Israeli military has also been blamed for deadly attacks on both aid workers and civilians seeking humanitarian aid in Gaza.

* Translated from English by Munir Benuri.

Source: AA

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