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House approves taxation of international purchases up to US$50

House of Representatives approves end of exemption on international purchases up to US$50 and 20% tax will be charged on imports

In a vote held on Tuesday evening (28), MPs approved the end of the exemption from import taxes for products costing up to 50 dollars, something that will mainly affect stores such as AliExpress, Shopee and Shein. Now, these items will be taxed at 20%, a rate reached through an agreement between Congress and the federal government, on top of the ICMS already charged.

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International purchases will now have a 20% import tax rate (Image:

This value is still a sort of “middle ground” compared to what was initially foreseen in the project, i.e. a total tax of 60% on imports, i.e. the same tax already applied for products that cost more than 50 dollars.

In addition to the new import tax, purchases from sites like Shopee, AliExpress and Shein remain subject to the previously applied 17% ICMS tariff.

Lawmakers defended the tax collection as a measure to protect domestic industry. Previously, representatives of the trade sector considered the exemption a policy of “unfair competition” against products made in Brazil.

This was also the main argument of MP Átila Lira (PP-PI), who is the rapporteur of the project. According to him, the goal is to achieve a balance with domestic products, which pay all taxes.

According to the Federal Revenue Secretariat, if the exemption is maintained, a potential revenue loss could reach R$34.93 billion by 2027.

However, the Ministry of Finance had already recommended maintaining the exemption through an official report. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said he was against the taxation, considered an unpopular measure, but said he agreed to negotiate.

Products will continue to be charged 17% ICMS (Image: Disclosure/Shopee)

In an official note, AliExpress was against charging taxes for purchases up to 50 US dollars, read in full:

AliExpress reports that it was surprised by the Chamber of Deputies’ decision to increase taxes on international purchases. If converted into law, the end of De Minimis will have a very negative impact on the Brazilian population, especially on the lower classes, who will no longer have access to a wide variety of international products, which for the most part are not found in country, affordable prices. The decision discourages international investment in the country, leaving Brazil as one of the countries with the highest tax rate for purchases of international items in the world. Furthermore, the measure goes against the opinion of Brazilians who, according to research by the CDE Plan, believe that the right rate to apply should be up to 20%, and not 44%, as expected with this decision for smaller purchases for 50 dollars. . Furthermore, 90% of the population is against the current rate of 92%, which it intends to maintain for items over $50. The change, however, does not alter the international travel exemption, which allows anyone traveling outside the country to purchase a variety of products exempt from any tax with a total value of R$5,000 every 30 days, further increasing social inequality . AliExpress’s mission is to democratize access to items from around the world by directly connecting consumers to manufacturers around the world, reducing intermediaries in the supply chain, and increasing efficiency and productivity to deliver to its customers quality products at fair prices. We trust that the Brazilian government will take into account the gravity of the issue and listen to the opinion of the population before making any final decisions.

Other companies such as Shein and Shopee have not yet commented on the matter and this text will be updated if this happens. After the vote of the Chamber of Deputies, the text will go to the Senate for approval, and only then will it be subjected to presidential sanction – if approved without changes.

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