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They are already looking for a replacement for Kerzhakov, and Wendel and Claudinho have lost motivation. Five players Zenit should get rid of this summer

The St. Petersburg club needs Mikhail Kerzhakov more. Photo: Global Look Press

Zenit considers Latyshonok and Lunev as new goalkeepers

In the current Russian Premier League (RPL) season, Zenit is not like him. Nothing remains of the previous hegemony of St. Petersburg. For the first time in six years, Sergei Semak’s team could find themselves without a trophy. Certainly, the blue-white-sky blues still have a chance of achieving a “golden double”.

Regardless of how this season ends, Zenit definitely needs an overload. And if the club is not ready to part with Semak, then a large-scale cleaning of the roster is necessary. And it looks like they’ll have to cut to the chase.

KP Sport says who Zenit should get rid of this summer.

“Zenit” breaks anti-records, aims for “golden double”, and a purge of the roster is inevitable

Zenit remains the only club in the country to win two trophies at once: the RPL and the Cup. But in the championship, the St. Petersburg team lost two points to Dynamo before the final round of the season, and they considered the Cup a less important tournament. The team’s head coach, Sergei Semak, stated this directly.

There are chances for a “golden double”, but regardless of how this season ended, it turned out to be a failure for Zenit. 7 defeats in 29 rounds is an anti-record under Semak. In 25 matches, the team scored only 50 points – another anti-record in the era of Sergei Bogdanovich. By the 26th round, only 44 goals had been scored, which was another anti-record for the head coach. On top of that, Zenit ended a six-game winless streak across all tournaments at the end of the season.

Zenit is not going to change head coach. The chairman of the club’s board of directors, Elena Ilyukhina, has already said that a new long-term contract will be signed with Semak. But this team needs a shake-up. This means it’s time to lay off the players.

Goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok interested Zenit. Photo: FC Baltika

Kerzhakov’s contract is coming to an end. There is no point in renewing

Zenit is already looking for options to strengthen the goalkeeper position. There are rumors in the press about the interest of St. Petersburg residents in Baltika goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok. The bleus-blancs-bleus are also interested in the return of Andrey Lunev from Qarabag. But first we need to deal with the current guardians.

The first candidate to leave is Mikhail Kerjakov. The 37-year-old goalkeeper’s contract is expiring and there is no point in renewing it. Firstly, Kerzhakov himself has repeatedly given up his place in goal during this season to young Adamov. He simply lost the competition against him. Secondly, Mikhail’s age is serious and cannot be extended. If you are buying a new goalkeeper, you must first complete the current one.

Mario Fernández has become Zenit’s new “six”, but not for long. Photo: FC Zenith

Mario is no longer the same as at CSKA

Mario Fernandez’s arrival at Zenit initially seemed strange. The defender first took a break in his career, then sat on the bench of Brazilian Internacional, and then appeared as part of the Russian champion. It turned out that not all fears were in vain. Mario only played 18 games this season, was injured a lot (and is now in the hospital) and when he did play, he wasn’t useful. Not a single effective action and shot in defense.

Mario is already 33 years old, he is no longer able to run all over the flank, as he did at CSKA. And Zenit definitely needs reinforcements in the side position. Things got to the point where Arthur, a specialist attacking footballer, started playing as a flanker with attacking duties. So there’s no point in keeping Mario in the club.

Brazilian Claudinho has obtained Russian citizenship, but he is eager to return to his small native country of Brazil. Photo: FC Zénith website

Claudinho has long dreamed of going to Brazil. Right away

Rumors of Claudinho’s tantrums were leaked to the media last season, and this season they have been superimposed on a poor performance by the standards of the midfielder himself. In 41 matches – only 5 goals and 9 assists. And now, while the team is fighting hard for trophies, the Brazilian’s agent is in no hurry to refute inside information about the player’s possible departure to Palmeiras.

On the sidelines of football, there has long been talk of the player’s desire to leave for his native country. Now that Claudinho has lost his motivation and stopped being the driving force of the team, it’s time to deal with it.

True, Elena Ilyukhina has already promised to increase the salaries of those who got a second star for Zenit. Claudinho is one of them. This statement seems strange. Why pay money to a person who no longer wants to play football in St. Petersburg?

Wendel has lost his motivation. Photo: FC Zenith

Wendell’s antics are no longer tolerable.

Wendel faces a similar situation with Claudinho. The Brazilian often performed feints outside the football field. I didn’t arrive at training camp on time and tried to find a new team while the others were training. But everything was forgiven to Wendel as long as he was the best on the field. Now – 4 goals and 10 assists in 33 matches. Not so bad, but the Brazilian himself proved that he can do much better.

Many experts also point the finger at the player’s motivation, of which there is nothing left. We can’t force ourselves to be nice, it’s time to say goodbye to Wendel and try to make money from him. The Transfermarkt portal values ​​the 26-year-old Brazilian at 22 million euros. Here, Zenit can still turn the situation around in their favor.

At Zénit, Wilson Isidore receives number 10 and goes into the shadows. Photo: FC Zenith

The transfer of Isidore was a mistake. It’s not too late to sell it

This season, Zenit is not scoring as many goals as in previous ones. And if there are any notable extravagances, it is mainly thanks to the efforts of Mateo Cassierra. Ivan Sergeev is productive as a substitute, but Wilson Isidore is noticeably behind. The Frenchman has only scored 4 goals this season.

Izidor actually belongs to Lokomotiv, but Zenit has an option to buy Wilson. St. Petersburg is rumored to have already activated it, and that seems about as strange as it gets. However, insiders claim the striker could go out on loan next season. In this case, the story of the striker’s redemption from the “railway workers” becomes even more confused. Izidor loses the competition to Cassierra and Sergeev. And it is unclear how he will be able to help Zenit in the next year of football.

Source: KP

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