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Letts – Yashin and Spider-Man, the Cup final is in jeopardy and Sliskovic had to be replaced. What happened after the match “Baltika” – “Spartak”

Vladimir Slishkovich suffered his first defeat at the helm of Spartak. Photo: Global Look Press

Ignashevich called Baltika’s victory over Spartak a gift for fans

Kaliningrad “Baltika” caused a sensation – they defeated “Spartak” (1:0) in the final of the regional route of the Russian Cup and qualified for the superfinal of the tournament. In addition, Sergei Ignashevich’s team inflicted the first defeat on Vladimir Slishkovich as acting head coach of the red and white.

The Baltic goalkeeper Latyshonok began to be compared to Yashin and Spider-Man, Spartak was asked to bring the “new Bosnian”, and for some reason it became scary for the Super Final in Luzhniki.

KP Sport tells what happened after the match between Baltika and Spartak in the Russian Cup.

“We are responsible for not having converted our chances”

Spartak sensationally lost to Baltika in the final of the Russian Cup Regions’ Way. At the very beginning of the match, Andrade scored an early goal, but the red and white then had numerous chances to score – and did not take advantage of them.

— We had a lot of chances to equalize. There were three good chances in the first half, four in the second. “We are guilty, we did not implement them,” admitted Vladimir Slishkovich in an interview with Match TV.

For Sliskovich himself, this defeat is his first as interim head coach of Spartak in 11 matches. The Bosnian seemed to accept it with dignity. I didn’t see any mistakes in my players, but I admitted that there were implementation issues. He also said that Baltika deserved this victory.

But even before the match, it seemed like Sliskovic was a little too clever with the lineup. I came out to play without a striker (Ignatov came out as a striker) and with Khlusevich in attack. Of course, Vladimir himself did not see a problem in this, because his team created chances.

“I thought the starting lineup was the best possible. Ignatov goes one-on-one and doesn’t score. Théo Bongonda – hits the goalkeeper. Ugalde finds himself one-on-one twice, also against the goalkeeper,” quotes SE Sliskovich.

Sliskovic complained about poor execution in the match against Baltika. Photo: Global Look Press

“The Bosnians have swum, bring the new Balkans”

While Sliskovic took his first defeat at the helm of the Red and White quite calmly, the experts did not. Andrei Arshavin said that this match was a marker for the Bosnian. A match you had to walk away from to prove your worth.

– Today is Sliskovic’s first match where he needed to win. Therefore, playing and being a head coach are different things. I’m not saying he became bad, but the coach’s perception depended on the match against Baltika. This is the match that Slishkovic should have won,” Arshavin said on Match TV.

The fake was coach and commentator Timur Zhuravel, who demanded that a “new Balkan” be introduced to Spartak. Apparently, referring to Vladimir Ivich, who is considered one of the candidates for a position in Spartak.

– At first, Sliskovich showed that he had chosen the ideal lineup for the match against Baltika (apparently, God also tells him this now) and that Spartak would have no problems on the way to the Russian Cup final – and then it all started. The Bosnians have swum, bring the new Balkans,” Zhuravel wrote on social media.

Spartak failed to reach the Russian Cup superfinal. Photo: Global Look Press

“Today Evgeny Yashin defended us”

While the Spartak players were fine-tuning their implementation, Kaliningrad was on the edge of its seat. In the Baltika locker room there was splashing water, singing and dancing, and tears in the eyes of Kaliningrad goalkeeper Evgeniy Latyshonok. By the way, the Baltic goalkeeper was the best in all respects. He dragged something that was impossible to drag and was met with a compliment from Ignashevich, who called the victory over Spartak a gift for the fans.

— We have a wall at the door. Today Evgeny Yashin defended us. Thanks to him, a great match,” Baltika head coach told Match TV.

Lettyshonok himself said almost nothing. I just couldn’t find the words. But his teammates admired him.

— Letts is a superhero, 100%. I just didn’t understand how he did it. He’s the new Spider-Man. Yashin was like that, now Latyshonok,” Kirill Kaplenko told Match TV.

Sergei Ignashevich led Baltika to the Russian Cup superfinal. Photo: Global Look Press

“Whoever reaches the final from the RPL path will be sad”

Not everyone was happy with Baltika’s victory. For example, commentator Konstantin Genich began to worry about the upcoming Russian Cup superfinal.

— “Baltika” is in the final! But no matter who advances to the finals from the RPL route, there will be sadness. By environment and attention. With all my respect. Sorry, but it’s a shame,” the journalist wrote on social networks.

Apparently, Genich believed that the Superfinal of the tournament was under threat, since it would be much more difficult to collect the too salty Luzhniki for Baltika than for Spartak. But Dmitry Guberniev defended the residents of Kaliningrad.

— Konstantin, there will be a wonderful ending, believe me. If the commentator is smart, the ending will flourish. And if the commenter is boring, a strong sign won’t help. With all due respect…” the TV presenter responded to Genich’s message.

In Luzhniki, Baltika will play with the winner of the Zenit-CSKA pair. Photo: Denis Akinin “KP Sport”

“We can’t call it a shame.”

The season finale of Baltika promises to be very tense. The team reached the Cup final for the first time in its history. At the same time, the Baltic players could be eliminated from the RPL… they have to win literally every remaining match. Motivation is a wagon.

But Spartak finished its season. The red and white will definitely not reach the championship, but they are unlikely to win medals in the RPL. The Cup flagpoles are not destined to come true. But the players are not discouraged.

— We didn’t score any chances, that’s why we lost. You can’t call it a shame. “Baltika is a serious rival,” quotes Championship Roman Zobnin.

Spartak can only wait for the appointment of a new head coach and, apparently, is already preparing for next season.

Source: KP

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