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“How games are rigged, not why,” Textor says of the ICC evidence

North American businessman cites 2023 Brasileirão matches characterized by refereeing errors

John Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, testified this Monday (22), in Brasilia, at the CPI on the manipulation of games and sports bets. In his participation in the Senate, which included Romário, rapporteur of the CPI, and Jorge Kajuru, president of the CPI, the American businessman declared that he will present the evidence in a secret meeting.

“How games are rigged, not why,” Textor said of his evidence.

Textor cites matches that featured refereeing errors

In his statements, Textor cited some matches that featured refereeing errors, such as the Botafogo x Palmeiras match, in the second round of the Brasileirão 2023. Another match mentioned was the one between Palmeiras and Vasco, also last year.

In summary, the entrepreneur specified that cases of gaming manipulation are not exclusive to Brazil. Furthermore, he said that he hopes that the authorities can take action.

“I think if I could prove that the 2022 and 2023 matches were manipulated, that, along with other evidence, might prompt the authorities to take action. I’m not here expecting to receive a trophy or congratulations, but we’ve found that Here it is no different from the rest of the world. Throughout Europe, match manipulation is a reality and we must leave our passion aside. We have a great opportunity, as technology allows us today,” said the Botafogo native.

“Manipulation is a magic trick. We all look at the ball, but in the key moment, when the player shoots, that’s not the trick. It’s a different attitude, a discouragement when you should give everything. Manipulation of results happens every millisecond. Now we have the ability to reveal this manipulation of results. Therefore, the technology is able to evaluate what is being done in the field and whether or not manipulation of results occurs,” he said in another CPI excerpt.

Some people have already been arrested following reports of “Good Game”

In fact, one of speaker Romário’s questions was whether anyone had been arrested after the France-based company Good Game (hired by John Textor) presented evidence of manipulation. So Textor immediately said yes.

“People have already been arrested, teams penalized around the world using Good Game reports as evidence, they have the technology to prove it,” he said.

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