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Tryamkin’s fatal rebound, an empty-net goal and 42 seconds of hope. What happened in the Gagarin Cup match “Metallurg” – “Automobilist”

Metallurg defeated Avtomobilist in the first semi-final of the 2024 Gagarin Cup. Photo: HC Metallurg Mg official website

Metallurg defeated Avtomobilist in the first match of the Gagarin Cup semi-final series

The “final without brothers” flash mob continues. After Alexei Zavarukhin’s Traktor, Nikolai Zavarukhin’s Avtomobilist also suffered a defeat in the opening match of ½ KG – 1:2 against Metallurg. The Yekaterinburg club missed the skate of its defender, did not defend the empty goal and “dunked” Ilya Nabokov too late.

“KP Sport” – about what happened in the match “Metallurg” – “Avtomobilist”.

In the decisive rounds, the importance of the goalkeeper increases exponentially. In this regard, Ural is lucky: both clubs are under the reliable protection of Ilya Nabokov and Evgeny Alikin. The first scored three goals for Magnitogorsk in the quarterfinals with Spartak, and the second was generally the best goalkeeper in the playoffs in terms of reliability (94.3% of saved shots).

All the shooting power of the Magnitogorsk team fell on the Avto goalkeeper in the first half. The midfield was particularly tense when the Yekaterinburg team played in a 3v5 format for more than a minute. But Alikin succeeded. And he made 15 saves in 20 minutes.

Nabokov practically did not enter the game. The exceptions were a couple of smart changes on the penny and a save in the 19th minute: Golyshev intercepted the puck and made a transfer to the right flank – Zbrovsky advanced and put it thrown into the center of the goal – the Steelworkers goalie caught it.

“Avtomobilist” resisted “Magnitka” with all its might, but gave in. Photo: Avtomobilist HC

After the break, “Auto” started and scored. To myself

At the start of the second period, the game moved towards Magnitka’s goal. At that moment, Nabokov had to act with all his might: he parried Romantsev’s dangerous shot from the throw-in circle with his shoulder and prevented Alekseev from hitting the target from a deadly position.

But from the 30th minute, all the aggression of the guests evaporated. The first reason is the expulsion: Tryamkin received a minor penalty for tripping him in the middle zone. The second is the well-established “Metallurg”: Andrei Razin’s team again closed “Auto” in a foreign area.

And although the hosts failed to convert the majority, they finally managed to break through in the 35th minute. The hero of the moment is Alexander Petunin. The attacker rushed down the right flank, came out on the spot and passed it to the center. The pass frankly did not work, but Tryamkin’s skater helped the opponent: the puck hit the skate of the Avtomobilist defender, changed trajectory and rolled into Alikin’s goal. 1:0!

Tryamkin started – Tryamkin finished. Symbolic.

5:0 for outs, empty net goal and hope puck from Romantsev

Unconventional movements, quick counterattacks, rebounds. All these tricks brought Avtomobilist to the historic semi-final. But today the “magic” function atrophied: not only did Magnitogorsk cut off too much oxygen on defense, but they also took possession of the puck in their own zone in a matter of seconds.

And Nikolai Zavarukhin’s team was disappointed with the discipline. Even the experienced Sergei Shirokov, who returned to the ice for the first time in the last 5 matches, managed to take an unnecessary penalty at the beginning of the third period: he hit Eremenko in the middle zone and l was brutally thrown against the boards. and left his team in the minority again.

Yes, this “Auto” minority survived. Like the previous four (5:0 in deletions!). Well, what’s the point when the precious time to achieve a goal is inexorably running out?

This is how the Yekaterinburg team reached the final minutes of the match. They tried in vain to break through Nabokov, replaced Alikin with the sixth defender… And then they missed the second. Geraskin won the battle in the middle zone and passed to Akolzin, who sent the puck into the empty net 01:59 before the siren.

We must recognize the guests that they have not given up fighting. The reward for such perseverance was a goal in the last minute: Barantsev fought against the boards and shot into the goal line from the corner of the ice, and Romantsev sent the puck into the far corner away and “soaked” Nabokov.

Naturally, Avtomobilist was not enough for more. In the remaining 42 seconds, Metallurg hockey players wisely blocked the entrance to their zone and brought the matter to victory – 2:1. And 1:0 in the Ural series.

The mascot of the Metallurg hockey club, Timosha the fox, is happy with the victory. Photo: HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk

Gagarin Cup, ½ final. Match No. 1

“Metallurg” – “Motorist” – 2:1 (0:0; 1:0; 1:1)
Goals: 1:0 – Petunin, 34:31 (Geraskin), 2:0 – Akolzin, 58:01 (Korobkin; in an empty net), 2:1 – Romantsev, 59:18 (Romantsev; 6×5).
The series score is 1:0.

Source: KP

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