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Atletico overwhelms Sportivo Ameliano in the South American’s debut

Furacão beat the Paraguayan team 4-1, in Asunción, and achieved a good result in the first match.

Atletico debuted with a positive result in the South American Championship and, also away from home, the Paraná team beat Sportivo Ameliano 4 to 1. The goals were scored twice by Mastriani, Zapelli and Fernandinho, while for the team Paraguayan center forward Vera scored the goal. With the positive result, Rubro Negro momentarily takes the lead in group E, awaiting the result of the other match in his group. Deportivo Ameliano is last with zero points

1st half

Atletico takes control of the game from the start with numerous passes of the ball into the opponent’s defense, and after 5 minutes they arrive on goal with Mastriani, with a shot from Cannobio the goalkeeper goes wide and on the rebound Zapelli takes advantage to find the center forward whose only task was to push the ball into the net.

The Paraná team exited the match and in an attack by the Paraguayan team, the defender Thiago Heleno committed a foul, the referee let the game continue and Vera, face to face with Bento, equalized, the goal gave trust in the hosts but lack the efficiency to turn the game around, Atletico makes use of an individual action by Zapelli who ends up close to the goal and maintains the offensive volume, the midfielder receives a cross from Léo Godoy and Zapelli allows it to stay ahead Rubro Negro the scoreboard again, also There is time for Canobbio to play on the right for Fernandinho to increase the score

2nd half

Furacão took advantage of the second half to manage a slow game with few scoring opportunities, coach Athleticano took advantage of the advantage on the scoreboard to save some athletes by decision of Paranaense and give an opportunity to his reserves, at the end of the match already with Atletico putting pressure on the Paraguayan team who showed defensive failures throughout the match, failing again on Esquivel’s cross saw Mastriani get up on his own to consolidate Rubro Negro’s victory.

Source: Terra

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