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Fans have called for Musaev’s resignation, but Spertsyan is still talking about the championship race. What happened after the match “Lokomotiv” – “Krasnodar”

Krasnodar players tied with Lokomotiv in the match of the 22nd round of the RPL

Krasnodar and Lokomotiv played an action-packed match in the 22nd round of the RPL. The Bulls took an early lead, all thanks to Timur Suleymanov’s own goal. But then the “railroad workers” took the initiative. The result is a draw (1:1). But the content of this game is much more important.

Murat Musaev in no way rebuilt the team after Vladimir Ivich, Spertsyan believes that the race for the championship is not over yet, and referee Bezborodov gave a reason to trace the “other team”.

KP Sport tells what happened after the match between Lokomotiv and Krasnodar.

“My colleague Ivic did a good job”

The match against Loko was Murad Musaev’s debut after returning to Krasnodar. The dismissal of his predecessor, Vladimir Ivitch, turned out to be quite scandalous. In fact, the Krasnodar management fired the coach who brought the team to first place and, for the first time in six seasons, really forced Zenit to fight.

According to rumors, the owner of Krasnodar, Sergei Galitsky, did not like the way his team played. Ivic’s style seemed too pragmatic. So they expected Musaev to play offensively from the first minutes of the match. But something went wrong.

Krasnodar spent most of the match on the defensive and saved themselves from Lokomotiv’s attacks. The Bulls, as under Ivic, came out with five defenders and relied on long throws to John Cordoba. It seems that even Musaev himself admitted that this “Krasnodar” has not changed at all.

— The team is in good condition, my colleague Ivich worked well. I would like to change some things. I would like to play higher in defense. A draw and good dedication are advantages that I would like to capitalize on in the future,” the specialist said at a press conference.

Former Spartak Moscow footballer Maxim Demenko is sure that it is too early to talk about Musaev’s style in Krasnodar.

— It’s too early to say what kind of football Musaev will play. So far, Ivic’s team is visible. But I said that Musaev would add players who had never played before at his discretion. To the footballers in whom Ivich did not have much confidence, Musaev has more confidence. Now there’s a chance for those who haven’t played. “Krasnodar had motivation today, but it’s too early to say anything,” Demenko said at the Championship.

Krasnodar fans thanked former coach Vladimir Ivich with a banner. Photo: FC Krasnodar social networks

Krasnodar fans are already criticizing Musaev

Musaev’s first match at the helm of Krasnodar after returning to the RPL did not convince Bulls fans. Here are some comments that fans left on the club’s official Telegram channel under the post with the final score:

  • The game is not inspiring at all, you can see Musaev’s football.
  • Musaeva resigns
  • Keep firing coaches.
  • Have you changed coaches? What’s the point?
  • Musaev should have been fired. Here is a new game for you. While leading the score, stay on the defensive. Well done!

It seems that Vladimir Ivich will be remembered in Krasnodar for a very long time.

Kadi leaves Anton Miranchuk. Photo: FC Krasnodar social networks

Loko lacked composure

Lokomotiv played an impressive match. Railway workers can hardly be satisfied with results alone. Loko instead played to win. But the implementation let us down.

— The match was decided by the score, and we took it out. We were more precise in the first half and were able to score in our approaches. There is sediment here. In the end, Krasnodar had chances, and we had them too – Sarveli and Hamulich could have decided the match. Good fighting match. They considered our performance as an ambitious team, even with a lack of players,” Mikhail Galaktionov, head coach of the red and greens, admitted to Match TV.

Lokomotiv also lacked composure.

— “Krasnodar” allowed us to play, we forced our opponents to make mistakes. In terms of attack development, there was a lot of noise in the penalty area. You have to manage your moments skillfully, with a cool head. The development of the attack is good, but we need to add more in the penalty area,” noted the specialist.

Krasnodar’s new and old coach Murad Musaev has already managed to disappoint Bulls fans. Photo: FC Krasnodar social networks

“They will look for traces of the other team”

Despite the fact that Lokomotiv was more precise and attacked more, the Krasnodar team can also say that the victory was stolen from them. In the second half, referee Vladislav Bezborodov did not award a penalty after Eduard Spertsyan fell in the opponent’s penalty area. Alexei Batrakov could have stepped on Spertsyan’s toe, but Bezborodov thought everything was clear.

Former Lokomotiv footballer Ruslan Pimenov suggested that Bulls fans will now talk about third-party intervention.

“Now they will look for the trace of the other team,” Pimenov said on Match Premier.

Apparently, Pimenov was referring to Zenit. But here, everything is too far-fetched. There probably wasn’t a penalty…

In the match against Krasnodar, Lokomotiv goalkeeper Lantratov allowed the ball only to his team’s player Suleymanov. Photo: Global Look Press

Spertsyan promised to continue the race for the championship

Krasnodar did not take advantage of the opportunities offered by its direct competitors. Zenit tied with Krylia Sovetov, Dynamo lost to Rostov. Defeat Krasnodar and you will take first place. But the “bulls” couldn’t get out of it.

Certainly, Eduard Spertsyan believes that the championship race is not over yet.

— It is difficult to say why we did not manage to emerge victorious. You saw it yourself, in some places we didn’t convert chances, in others we played inattentively. The matches continue, it will be more interesting,” SE quoted the midfielder as saying.

It will definitely be more interesting later. After all, Krasnodar still has a return match with Zenit. But if with the St. Petersburg team there is the same football as with Loko, it seems that the race for the championship will definitely be over.

Source: KP

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