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France: The protest against the “genocide in Gaza” continues in the streets of Paris


Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Paris’s St. Augustine square, this Wednesday, for the third consecutive evening, in the heart of the French capital to denounce the “genocide in Gaza” decided to leave the square and walk the streets, despite a significant police presence. power.

According to our correspondent on the ground, the police initially blocked the protesters before allowing them to pass.

No clashes with the police have been reported yet.

The marches are mostly joined by young people, students and, in particular, high school students.

At the beginning of the demonstration, the French Palestine Solidarity Association issued a press release to organize a rally tonight at 18:30 in the Place Saint Augustin in Paris to condemn what it describes as the “genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinian people”. .

AFPS calls for urgent action and stresses that inaction in the face of atrocities in Gaza could undermine the credibility of international institutions and international law. The association calls on France to recall the Israeli ambassador and suspend the association agreement between the European Union and Israel.

The demonstrations came a day after an Israeli attack on a refugee camp in Rafah killed 35 people and injured dozens more on Sunday.

In connection with the Israeli offensive in Rafah and following the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), French diplomacy expressed in a press release on 20 May its commitment in favor of “the search for a lasting political solution in the region”. The only one that will restore the horizon of peace and end the suffering of Israelis and Palestinians.”

Additionally, on Tuesday, May 28, LFI MP for Bouches-du-Rhône, Sébastien Delogu, flew a Palestinian flag on a hemicycle in support of Gaza.

National Assembly President Yael Brown-Pivet immediately adjourned the session and called his office to sanction the lawmaker, who took full responsibility for his actions in front of the cameras.

MP Sebastián Delogu received a severe sanction, which many MPs called “completely disproportionate”, namely a 50% reduction in compensation for two months and a 15-day suspension.

Source: AA

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