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The ophthalmologist indicates the best foods for vision

A healthy diet is powerful in protecting vision and eye health. The ophthalmologist indicates what to include in the diet

Like our entire body, the eyes are also affected by various diseases, which limit vision and, therefore, the quality of life. However, in cases where genetics are not unbeatable, it is possible to prevent these problems with a healthy lifestyle. This includes adding certain foods to your diet.

Nubia Vanessa, ophthalmologist at CBV-Hospital de Olhos, emphasizes that a healthy diet is good for any type of comorbidity, such as diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, a balanced diet can protect your vision.

“If you follow a balanced diet, with all food groups, and combined with physical exercise, you reduce the amount of free radicals, improving eye health,” says the professional.

Foods that are good for your eyesight

The ophthalmologist indicates some food options that are particularly healthy for the eyes. Watch:

  • Foods rich in omega 3 such as fish, such as salmon and mackerel;
  • Vegetables, legumes and green leaves, because they are rich in vitamin C. Furthermore, some have substrates such as lutein and zeaxanthin which are excellent for the macula (retina);
  • Oil seeds, such as flax, chestnuts, pistachios and almonds, rich in zinc, which helps prevent macular degeneration, as well as cataracts;
  • Red meat, which contains iron and zinc, nutrients that help the absorption of vitamins.

Nubia also points out that you can find these nutrients in supplements. However, it is necessary to contact a professional for a medical prescription.

“Remembering that we must have all the food groups to have a healthy diet. And, if you have any type of health problem, the ideal is to seek a suitable professional”, concludes the ophthalmologist.

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