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Jacquin goes to the beach in a suit and tie to criticize customers for wearing tank tops and flip flops in restaurants

The chef protests against those who wear informal clothes in his restaurants

Erick Jacquin went to the beach in a suit and tie to protest against those who go to restaurants in informal clothes, which include a tank top, shorts, cap and flip flops.

“Why do you go to my restaurant in a tank top, shorts and flip flops? Do you think it’s cool to go to the beach in a suit and tie? And you do the same thing to me. There are a lot of beautiful women there, you in a tank top, ugly shorts, flip flops , cap… Oh, for the love of God, this is a place to go to the beach It’s the same thing,” he said on Sunday the 21st.

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Then the chef dived into the sea wearing a jacket and tie. “Do you think we go to the beach like this? No! So we don’t go to the restaurant in shorts, a tank top, flip flops and a hat. Every place has clothes you should wear. Here (the beach) it’s shorts and flip flops,” he concluded.

While the video was entertaining, Jacquin’s review divided opinions. “I want to be comfortable, fill my belly. I won’t wear a dress to go out to eat. Forget it!”, said a follower.

“Okay, but don’t come to my restaurant. Thank you, it’s not for you. You will learn one day,” the chef replied.

Another Internet user said that this speech was full of prejudice and Jacquin replied: “No prejudice. Education does not mix everything.”

“Luxury is a matter of money, elegance is a matter of education, class is a matter of birth,” another follower said.

“I liked the creativity of the video. And it’s absolutely true, every environment has its own appropriate clothing,” said one internet user.

“I pay to eat and not to parade”, replies another.

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