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Japanese strawberries are sold for almost R$1,000 per kilo; understand

This and other fruits produced by specialized brands are very rigorous in cultivation and guarantee a juicy and tasty experience.

The Japanese label Ikigai Fruits is responsible for the retail sale of rare fruits, which are distinguished not only by high quality, but also by a price worthy of a dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant. A 500 gram package of Kotoka strawberries, for example, can cost from 89 dollars (R$ 452.29, according to the current price). In other words, 1 kg of this strawberry would cost around R$ 1,000.

According to Food & Wine magazine, the prices are justified because the process of growing, harvesting and preserving Ikigai fruits guarantees an ideal appearance and flavor, unlike common fruits which, even if carefully selected, can reserve a negative surprise for the consumer , either because they are rotten inside or because it is tasteless. This, in other words, means that the high value covers the time and labor invested by manufacturers in specialized products.

The success of Ikigai Fruits has led the brand to expand to another continent, with exports reaching the United States. Now the country’s inhabitants have access, as long as they have the purchasing power to do so, to items such as melons from Shizouka province, which cost 128 US dollars (R$650.48, according to the current exchange rate) each, and They arrive luxuriously packaged. in a black box with gold embossing.

The fruit undergoes a rigorous period of care during cultivation, being pollinated and watered by hand, then massaged and polished. Before being sold, it is also subjected to careful analysis, which measures the sugar content, appearance, maturation and taste. This allows the consumer to have a very succulent and tasty experience.

Another option is the Millenials Pearl White strawberry, which has a light pink hue and is available in standard-sized unit packs for $128 (R$650.48, according to current prices).

Source: Terra

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