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7 tips for making good choices at the supermarket

Discover some tips to make grocery shopping healthier and more nutritious for your family

Do shopping at the supermarket It can be a difficult task, especially with the variety of products available today. However, taking a few steps can help make your purchases more efficient.

In addition to planning purchases to avoid excessive spending, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of foods and avoid foods poor in nutrients essential for the correct functioning of the body.

To help you choose healthier products for your family, we have collected below 7 tips to make your shopping more balanced and nutritious. Watch!

1. Don’t shop hungry

Going to the grocery store hungry leads to purchasing useless products that are often harmful to your health. So have a snack at home before you go to the supermarket, okay?

2. Bring a shopping list

Try making a list before doing the shopping. In addition to saving money, you waste less time shopping and avoid taking excess items.

3. Plan your meals

Plan all the meals you plan to eat during the week. This way you can vary your menu and have a better idea of ​​the foods you will need to buy.

4. Read product labels

Reading product labels helps you buy healthier foods and prevents you from falling for the “trick” of paying more for a product that claims to be something it’s not.

5. Check the validity

Don’t buy food very close to the expiry date, because you run the risk of not being able to use it by that date. It is also important to check that the packaging is in good condition.

6. Compare products

Similar products can have a big nutritional difference between them. Therefore, always compare products and choose those that contain less sugar, sodium and saturated fat.

7. Avoid industrialized products

Avoid buying industrialized products! Although they greatly simplify daily nutrition, these products contain a lot of sodium, fat and sugar in their composition.

Source: Terra

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