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The 10 best cold soups in the world according to the international ranking

Aimed at high summer, mostly European soups top the list; know

TasteAtlas is a gastronomy platform which, although it does not have professional validation, is of great importance and influence in giving a voice to ordinary consumers. The website works as a sort of food encyclopedia and lists typical foods from all over the world.

In addition to the catalogue, internet users of different nationalities use TasteAtlas to record their experiences with dishes, drinks, restaurants and gastronomic centres, being able to write reviews and assign ratings ranging from 0.5 to 5. This data, once collected, is calculated and converted into rankings of the most diverse categories and sectors.

One of them belongs to the cold soups category, updated in March this year. Meet the top 10:

  1. ltibaršciai: Traditional from Lithuania, this is a soup made from pickled beetroot and kefir, which includes grated cucumber and hard-boiled eggs.
  2. Cursed Antequerana: Originating from the city of Antequera, Spain, it is prepared with stale bread, olive oil, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and pieces of ham.
  3. Salmorejo: The traditional soup from Córdoba, Spain is made with tomato puree, garlic, olive oil, bread and vinegar.
  4. Calibrator: it’s a Bulgarian soup made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, walnuts and a little water or ice.
  5. Vichyssoise: This soup of French origin is a cream of leeks with potatoes, broth and cream of chicken and onion.
  6. Ajoblanco: Also from Spain, the soup is made from pureed stale bread with garlic, vinegar, almonds and olive oil, as well as served with white grapes.
  7. Naengmyeon: This is a recipe that originates in Pyongyang, People’s Korea. It is made with noodles, hard-boiled eggs, beef broth, pickled radish and Korean pear.
  8. Auksta jokes: Traditional from Latvia, this cold soup contains kefir, beetroot, milk sausage and cucumber.
  9. Meggyleve: is a sweet, creamy and slightly acidic soup created in Hungary made from cherries, cream, sugar, flour and salt.
  10. Gazpacho: Also created in Spain, gazpacho is considered a recipe that varies from salmorejo soup and includes tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, olive oil, vinegar and croutons.
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