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What if you were a victim of paper clipping, a destructive method of seduction that you should be wary of?

Since the digital age, our romantic relationships have taken an unexpected turn. Dating apps and social networks have introduced new, often toxic, behaviors into our romantic lives. Among these new terms, “ paper clipping » or “paper cut” stands out for its insidious and destructive nature.

Origin of paper clipping

The term ” paper clipping » takes its origins from Clippy, the Microsoft Office virtual assistant from the 90s. This little paper clip would appear unexpectedly to offer help, often without being asked. In the world of romantic relationships, paper clipping results in a sudden and unexpected appearance of a person after a period of silence or ghosting. This behavior, as frustrating as it is incomprehensible, has become a real scourge for those looking for a stable and sincere relationship.

What does paper clipping involve?

THE paper clipping involves a repetitive cycle where a person disappears without explanation only to return in an equally inexplicable manner. According to Limor Gottlieb, a psychologist specializing in romantic relationships, these individuals are not looking for a long-term relationship. “ They avoid intimacy and prefer superficial conversations“, she explains in the columns of “Metro”. This alternation of presence and absence can leave the other person in a state of confusion and permanent doubt.

How to recognize paper clipping?

Recognize the paper clipping is not always easy. The most obvious signs are repeated disappearances followed by sudden reappearances. The person always seems to come back just when you start to forget about them, often with a simple message or call. Their communication generally remains superficial and avoids serious or intimate subjects. If you feel like you are not moving forward in the relationship and are constantly on hold, it is likely that you are a victim of paper clipping.

Why be wary of paper clipping?

THE paper clipping is selfish and manipulative behavior. It allows the person to be in control and receive attention without becoming emotionally involved. “ This provides instant gratification because a response means the other person is still interested“, explains Doctor Sarah Taylor, lecturer in psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the university media. This quest for validation can cause frustration and suffering for the victim. By remaining in this cycle, we risk losing self-confidence and seeing our self-esteem diminish.

How to react to paper clipping?

The best reaction to paper clipping is to take a step back. Ignoring sudden reappearances and blocking the person may be necessary to protect your emotional well-being. It is essential to remember that you deserve a healthy and balanced relationship, based on respect and sincerity. Don’t let someone play with your feelings and dictate your happiness.

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published by Louhann MEZAGUER THE 29•05•2024


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