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Letizia of Spain, unfaithful? These explosive revelations shake the Crown

The Spanish crown is shaking. If Charles III and Prince William experienced very badly the explosive revelations of Prince Harry in his memoirs, called Spare, now a new work is going to do damage, this time in Madrid. Indeed, the journalist Jaime Peñafiel, 91 years old, unveiled his book, entitled The silences of Letizia, In which he returns to the alleged infidelities of the Queen of Spain.

He, who had already written a work on Letizia of Spain, claims that the queen had an affair extramarital affair with her former brother-in-law, Jamie del Burgo. Worse still, he specifies that King Felipe was ” destroy “ by the disclosure of this relationship and that it “was aware that Letizia was cheating on him in real time”since his bodyguards had the obligation to report to their king where his wife was.

Did the Queen of Spain betray her husband?

In his book, Jaime Peñafiel claims that bodyguards joined the queen on a trip she took to New York in 2011 with her “lover”, with whom she had a relationship before meeting Felipe. ” That day [à New York]she was accompanied by her faithful escorts who, no doubt, would transmit a report to the Ministry of the Interior or [au Palais de] the Zarzuela.”

Upon hearing the news, King Felipe was “plunged into hell” because of the alleged ” treason “ of his wife. The latter is then described as a person “cold, emotionally immature and passive-aggressive” and that she is “hated” by the family of King Felipe. Still according to the Spanish author, the entire royal entourage would have been upset by these revelations.

These chilling revelations

It seems that the Spanish Crown is in the grip of a new scandal. If the Queen of Spain always appears very close to her husband during official trips, these explosive revelations shake up certainties concerning the stability of their couple. For the moment, the royal palace has not responded to these allegations. But Spanish women are entitled to wonder if the royal couple is really united or if it is just a facade.

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published by Laura D’Angelo THE 29•05•2024

Laura D’Angelo

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