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This dessert from Asia will help you lose weight more easily

Diet plays a central role when trying to lose weight. Our food choices determine not only the quantity of calories ingested, but also the quality of the nutrients that will nourish our body. Adopting a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to successfully losing weight sustainably.

To avoid cravings and unwanted snacking, which are often major obstacles to weight loss, it is important to eat meals that are healthy and sufficiently filling.

Should you deprive yourself of dessert to lose weight?

A balanced meal should contain a good combination of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats.

Protein is particularly important because it helps maintain muscle mass and provides a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. Fiber, found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, helps regulate digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing cravings for sweets.

It is common to think that to lose weight, you should deprive yourself of desserts. However, it is entirely possible to treat yourself while respecting your slimming goals. The key is to choose desserts that are low in calories, but still quite nutritious.

Congee, an ideal dessert when trying to lose weight

Among the desserts recommended for people who want to slim down, there is one originating from Asia, which takes the form of a rice porridge that can be prepared in different ways. Called congee, this low-calorie, water-rich porridge provides a lasting feeling of satiety while maintaining a low calorie intake. The ideal would be to use brown rice, increases its fiber content, promoting good digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels, which reduces cravings. Its low glycemic index helps avoid sugar spikes.

The amount of calories in congee can vary depending on the ingredients used and how it is prepared. In general, a serving of congee prepared in the traditional way, without excessive added sugar or fat, contains about 100 to 150 calories for a 1 cup (about 240 ml) serving.

Easy to digest and customizable with healthy ingredients like vegetables, lean proteins and fresh fruits, congee offers balanced nutrition. Its richness in water also contributes to good hydration. Congee is therefore a perfect choice for a tasty and nutritious slimming diet.

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