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Here is what type of routine this therapist recommends to preserve your relationship after 30 years

After years of living together, maintaining your relationship can be a real challenge. This is why it is essential to put in place certain habits or certain routines that we share together to continue to have good times together. A therapist then insisted on an important point, which helps couples after 30 years.

Plan time together every week to preserve your relationship

In the columns of the magazine Glamor UK, Stephanie Manes, psychotherapist who teaches couples therapy at Columbia University then explained that it is essential to plan small “meetings” exclusively for two people, on a weekly basis. These couple reunions can then strengthen the bond, especially after 30 years. These special moments allow us to cultivate complicity, communication and rekindle the flame and passion in the relationship. By spending quality time with each other, couples can strengthen their emotional connection, share their concerns and joys, and maintain a strong relationship despite everyday challenges.

How to strengthen couple complicity and intimacy after 30 years?

First of all, it is essential to communicate regularly with your partner, sharing their thoughts, feelings and needs. Next, it is important to spend quality time together, planning special activities or “two-person get-togethers” to strengthen bonding and emotional connection. Additionally, it is crucial to respect each other’s individuality and support your partner’s personal and professional goals. It is also beneficial to maintain physical intimacy and cultivate romance by making caring gestures and expressing love on a regular basis.

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