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This moisturizer is the best option when you want to delay the appearance of wrinkles

There are many options for getting rid of the signs of aging… Anti-wrinkle treatments such as Q10-based creams, botox or even foods that maintain skin tissue are very successful. However, before rushing to these treatments, it is important to protect your skin against UV rays which are known to accelerate the aging process of skin cells, but also to promote the appearance of brown spots. In addition to sun protection, the epidermis also needs a good dose of hydration.

Why is it essential to moisturize and protect the skin?

Whether we have a good skin routine or not, we all have a moisturizer that we use daily. Moisturizer helps skin retain moisture, alleviate dryness and protect against environmental factors. It also helps reduce the effects of age linked to skin dryness. However, as Dr. Jimmy Mohamed revealed, “the best anti-wrinkle there is” is none other than sunscreen.

The professional explains his remarks as follows, based on a study: “The researchers recruited people under the age of 55. They divided them into two groups. Putting on index 15 sunscreen, so rather weak, every morning. And the other, doing nothing in particular. Researchers analyzed the skin on each participant’s back, hand and neck at the start and end of the study”.

Choose a day cream with SPF for anti-UV protection all year round

The results of this work made it possible to determine the importance of UV protection to preserve the elasticity of the epidermis. This demonstrated that the signs of skin aging were reduced by 25% in the group of individuals who applied sunscreen daily. No matter the season, sunscreen is essential and should not be neglected. To avoid skipping this step, using a day cream with integrated sun protection is the ideal option for hydrated and protected skin. To do this, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream containing a high protection factor ranging from 30 to 50.

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published by Dallo Drame THE 22•04•2024

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