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Meg Ryan: at 62, she reveals her muscular arms in a man’s vest

Now that Fashion Week and the 2024 Oscars are behind them, the personalities of the star system are returning to a calmer daily life after having multiplied the social evenings, front rows of fashion shows and other red carpets under the crackling flashes. Or not. This is particularly the case of Meg Ryan who goes through festivals to promote her film (which she directs and performs in) entitled “What Happens Later”. Indeed, present at the BCN Film Fest this April 21, the legendary actress and budding director caused a sensation in a fashionable look which revealed her shapely arms and her neckline adorned with golden necklaces.

Meg Ryan: in a sleeveless men’s vest after 60, she gives a style lesson against ageism

Not proud to open a new part of her career at 62 by becoming a director, Meg Ryan gives us a style lesson to fight against ageism: in fact, while flabby arms remain a complex for many women over 50, the actress dares to wear a sleeveless men’s vest, a piece right in the current trend, combined with a long pleated beige skirt, and takes the opportunity to reveal her curved arms, hands proudly placed on her hips. A look as chic as it is flattering that we’re quick to draw inspiration from for the summer that’s on the horizon.

Meg Ryan: at 61, the star cultivates her glamorous look on the red carpets

A true cinema icon, Meg Ryan has been quite discreet in recent years on the media scene. Relatively secretive about her personal life, and therefore about her daily style too, the American actress still cultivates a casual chic style throughout her public appearances, like here where she sports the masculine-feminine look with modernity. His only exception? The red carpets, where she wears glamorous outfits without ever falling into caricature.

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