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Where to find affordable, quality women’s lingerie?

Accessibility and quality in honor of femininity

Embodying the essence of femininity, lingerie enhances your silhouette, highlights your curves and increases your self-confidence. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is an essential in a woman’s wardrobe. It allows you to freely engage in all your activities and move comfortably.

In this quest for femininity, style and comfort, Darjeeling is committed to offering a line of lingerie as well as a collection of women’s swimsuits at affordable prices. While insisting on the accessibility of its products, the brand offers lingerie adapted to all body types. It creates bras ranging from cup A to cup H (back circumference from 80 cm to 110 cm), panties and bikini bottoms up to size 48. All women can find what they are looking for.

Darjeeling also presents a wide choice of swimsuits for women in trendy shapes and colors: 1-piece swimsuits, 2-piece swimsuits, bikinis, etc. The swimsuits are designed in quality materials.

For all body types

With nearly 30 years of expertise, Darjeeling has always wanted to meet the needs of all women, of all ages and all body types. Every woman is thus spoiled with the collections offered by Darjeeling. However, it is not always easy to recognize the right bra size. To obtain the correct reference, you must measure the waist measurement below the chest and above the chest.

Depending on your waist size, here is your bra size:

Measure Bra size
from 63 to 67 cm 80
from 68 to 72 cm 85
from 73 to 77 cm 90
from 78 to 82 cm 95
from 83 to 87 cm 100
from 88 to 92 cm 105
from 93 to 97 cm 110
from 98 to 102 cm 115

For cup size:

Difference Cup size
13cm HAS
15cm B
17cm VS
19cm D
21cm E
23cm F
25cm G
27cm H
29cm I
31cm J
33cm K

Here is an example if you have an underbust measurement of 75 cm and 90 cm above. By making the difference between these two results, you obtain 15 cm. Consult the table, your bra size is 90B.

A bra size remains the same whether you choose a model for sports, for the beach or to wear under your evening outfit.

Choosing the right swimsuit top

Between bandeau, shell, half-cup or even triangle swimsuits, the choice is wide. It’s sometimes difficult to decide! The bandeau model is very popular for its style and also because it does not leave tan marks on the bust. However, this top is not suitable for all situations. In fact, if you plan to make the most of your stay at the sea by surfing, diving and swimming, the bandeau swimsuit is not the most suitable. You might end up focusing on your outfit trying to fit it on your chest instead of having fun. The bandeau top is best reserved for quiet outings where you simply plan to tan, lying on a beach towel or on a deckchair by the pool.

If you plan to indulge in water activities, choose a swimsuit top with straps or simply opt for a one-piece swimsuit.

To complete your look, beach pareos will be of great use to you during your outings. Very practical, the pareo protects you from the sun while adding a touch of glamor to your beach outfit. There are also tunics that can be worn over your swimsuit when you are at the beach or pool.


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