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Fernanda Montenegro files lawsuit against INSS to recover more than R$334,000 after being presumed dead

The actress lost her benefits due to difficulties in her life test; understand

Actress Fernanda Montenegro, 94, filed a lawsuit seeking reimbursement of unpaid INSS pension benefits and pension in the event of her husband’s death. She the actress claimed that she had not received more than R$334,000 for almost three years.

According to the article by Ancelmo Gois in the newspaper O Globo, since August 2019 the INSS stopped paying the actress’s benefits correctly, which lasted until March 2022. During the pandemic, the actress had difficulty pass the life test imposed by the institute. institute, which caused her rights to “cease”.

In the appeal proposed by the actress’ defense, the lawyers claim that it was a case of “fraud”. They say that Fernanda received her benefits for years at a Bradesco branch. In 2019, however, payments were suddenly stopped.

Upon contacting the institution, the artist discovered that his data to access the INSS virtual system had been modified, including his login email. Then, after regaining access, she Fernanda realized that the benefits were being deposited and withdrawn by someone else.

In 2023, the court won Fernanda’s case, forcing the organization to deposit the retroactive amounts, currently calculated at over R$334 thousand. The institute was also sentenced to pay moral damages of R$ 30,000, but on appeal the sentence was reduced to R$ 10,000. So far nothing has been paid to the actress.

OR Earth contacted the INSS, but so far no response has been received. The space remains open for future demonstrations.

Source: Terra

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