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The government is studying the possibility of judicial exemptions for municipalities, says Congress leader

According to Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, should be involved in the discussion

BRASÍLIA – The head of government Congresssenator Randolfe Rodrigues (no party-AP), confirmed on Tuesday 2, that the government is considering the possibility of prosecuting the exemption from municipalitiessince the president of Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), overturned the device that restored municipal social security rates.

As anticipated the Station/Broadcastthe government is considering appealing Federal Supreme Court (STF) keep municipal Social Security rates at 20%, not 8%, as Congress approved late last year.

According to Randolfe, “the government does not exclude any possibility” and should include the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), in the discussion on possible action in the STF. “It’s a possibility [contestar na Justiça] which will be examined by the government, the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General’s Office,” Randolfe told reporters.

On Monday 1st Pacheco decided to remove from provisional measure 1,202 the provision which provided for the restoration of the social security tariff in municipalities with up to approximately 140 thousand inhabitants. The president of the Senate extended the legislature for another 60 days, but decided that the specific provision on municipalities will not be extended.

The government leader in Congress, however, rejected that the issue could concern “the form”, that is, Pacheco’s own decision to reject some parts of the provisional measure (MP). According to Randolfe, what the government is studying is to question “the merit” (the content) of the exemption.

“We are not talking about the form, we are talking about the merit. There may be questions about the form, but there is no discussion about the form. We respect the powers of the President of the Congress. But there are legal questions about the merit, which could give rise to some debate” , he has declared .

Despite this, Estadão/Broadcast has discovered that the government is also studying the possibility of questioning the decision of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, to selectively extend sections of the deputy. According to the report, the idea came from the Ministry of Finance. The discussion will take place through bodies such as the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Secretariat for Legal Affairs (SAJ) of the Civil Chamber.

Palácio do Planalto’s assessment at this moment is that the crux of the issue is political, since the government does not want to weaken its relations with the president of the Senate, its main ally in the National Congress. Lula must personally decide what to do and include Pacheco in the discussions, according to interlocutors interviewed by the report.

The government’s internal assessment is that Pacheco’s decision to lift the burden on the municipalities is due more to an internal force than to a message of dissatisfaction with the Lula administration 3. The analysis is that the senator from Minas Gerais had to give a nod to his parliamentary base. However, this does not mean a break with the federal executive.

Source: Terra

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