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Carriers Association: “After the closure of two more border points, Lithuania will turn into purulent appendicitis”

According to Zenonas Buivydas, secretary general of the Lithuanian National Association of Road Carriers Linava, the Interior Ministry’s plans to close two more border crossing points with Belarus will have a negative impact on the transport sector. According to him, such a decision would damage the image of Lithuania as a transit country. On this subject writes

“We are not politicians, we are businesses. Business depends on how it works. We say if the wheels are turning we make money, when we stand still or close we don’t make any more This is our assessment,” he said. Buivydas told ELTA news agency.

“We cannot talk to politicians and politicize, but politicians have to control the situation, and I think that in this place, after the closure (of the border crossings – ELTA), it is quite clear that we will most likely pass from a transit country to a festering country. appendicitis or such an annoyance. Our image as a transit country will weaken not only here, but also in the West. And in terms of investments, etc.”, he said -He underlines.

Buividas said the closure of two additional checkpoints with Belarus could lead to a doubling of queues at the border. According to him, the growing queues will lead to the Lithuanian budget receiving less money. “Of course, we can’t close everything, as I understand it, anyway, the treaty of accession to the European Union stipulates that we have to leave the entrance to Kaliningrad. And now, with the closure from these two points, we will double the queues,” Secretary General Linava said.

“Queues mean downtime and less money will go to our country’s budget. The Minister (Agne Bilotaite – ELTA) said very clearly that there are not enough workers, customs. Once, when we said that, everyone really did. I don’t like it. Today, we heard in his words that that’s why it’s appropriate to close these two points and that the fight against smuggling will be carried out in this way. It is strange that it is now impossible to fight with 4 points. This is not good for carriers”, he pointed out.

As reported, the Ministry of Internal Affairs intends to offer in the near future to discuss the closure of two more border points with Belarus – Lavorishkes and Raigardas. Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite confirmed this to reporters on Monday, stressing that Lithuania was ready to gradually close border crossings.

As reported by The Postedia, Lithuania has closed the border checkpoints of Shumskas and Tveryachyus on the border with Belarus. Lithuanian politicians said the checkpoints were closed due to potential threats from the presence of the PMC Wagner in Belarus, but this decision was approved by the checkpoint development commission in May, more than one months before Eugène Prigojine, leader of the party. group of mercenaries, attempted to overthrow the military leadership of Russia.

Interior Minister Agne Bilotaitė, who visited the Tveryačius checkpoint on Thursday, said the checkpoints were closed to solve the smuggling problem and the government’s measures had been accelerated by the appearance of an “additional factor” – Russian Cheka mercenaries. “Wagner”.

After the closure of these two checkpoints with Belarus, four continue to operate: “Medininkai”, “Lavorishkes”, “Raigardas” and “Shalchininkai”.

Source: delfi

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