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BYD begins work in Bahia and confirms Dolphin Mini 4th nationally

The land that belonged to Ford is now owned by BYD, which could revolutionize the country’s auto industry with three electric cars and a plug-in hybrid

The Chinese BYD, considered the largest manufacturer of clean energy cars in the world, announces, in a ceremony with the government of Bahia, the start of work on the first electric car factory in Brazil. On this occasion, the company confirmed that the BYD Dolphin Mini, an entry-level electric vehicle, will be one of the models produced in Bahia.

The plant will be built from scratch, in an area that is part of the land previously used by Ford. The celebration was attended by the president of BYD Brasil, Tyler Li, Alexandre Baldy, special advisor to the company, and the governor of Bahia, Jerônimo Rodrigues, among other state and municipal authorities.

The factory has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry in Brazil, if electric vehicles gain consumer trust and become popular. “As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities this new facility will generate,” said Tyler Li, president of BYD Brazil.

Part of the land where BYD's new electric and hybrid car factory will be built

The Bahian factory will be BYD’s largest industrial hub outside China and will involve an investment of R$3 billion. The expectation is to start production between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025, with an installed capacity of almost 150 thousand vehicles per year during the first phase of implementation.

Initially, BYD planned to produce the Song Plus (plug-in hybrid), Dolphin (electric), and Yuan Plus (electric) models. But the strategy has changed and the Dolphin Mini (electric) will also be produced domestically.

The BYD Dolphin Mini was recently launched for R$115,800. Although the price was disappointing, as something under R$100,000 was expected, the car quickly became a sales success with more than 7,600 units sold in the first days after launch, a record in the history of electric vehicles.

BYD paid the Government of Bahia the amount of R$287,816,458 for the purchase of the complex, which has a total area of ​​4.6 million m2. In the first phase of the works there will be 26 new structures including production warehouses, test track and other structures which will occupy a surface area of ​​approximately 1 million m2. The complex’s old facilities will be used by suppliers who will help produce parts and pieces for the new vehicles.

Source: Terra

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