Watch Bittersweet 'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Trailer

Considered one of the great comedians of his generation, Chris Farley is being remembered with a documentary that hits theaters this summer.

I Am Chris Farley JUN 29 2015. I Am Chris Farley is a feature length documentary on the comedian and movie star. Here's a trailer: Read more posts on about: Chris Farley I Am Chris Farley movies trailers video 

The upcoming film “I Am Chris Farley” explores the beloved comedian's life, from his childhood in Wisconsin to his rise to fame to his tragic death through home movies, interviews and sketches. Farley's fellow actors and co-stars, including David Spade

Remember when Chris Farley interviewed celebrities on Saturday Night Live, and just asked them if they remembered doing the things they were best known for, and then said how awesome those things were? That was awesome. Remember when he died 

Comedian Chris Farley died at just 33 years old. But he gave us so much laughter before he left us. Now a new documentary is taking an emotional look back at his life and career. Take a look at the trailer above. Produced By