Tyler Posey says Scott 'completely gets broken down' in Teen Wolf season 5

Season 5 means senior year for Lydia, Scott (Tyler Posey), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and the rest of the gang – sorry, pack. The new school year is going to expose a lot of insecurities for the characters beyond the daily battle of good vs. evil, and it

Tyler Posey's Scott and Dylan O'Brien's Stiles won't return to your TV screen until June 29. So while you wait for the comeback of the fan-favorite "Teen Wolf" bromantic pair, check out these eight things that you probably didn't know about Posey and O

You know what they say, you never forget your first kiss — especially if it's from Miley Cyrus! It has been years since Tyler Posey and Miley were involved romantically, but the Teen Wolf star says to this day, he's never met 

Tyler Posey Opens Up About His Pre-Teen Romance with Miley Cyrus Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey is opening up about romancing Miley Cyrus when they were both very young. The 23-year-old actor talked about meeting Miley 

Tyler Posey has a couple convincing reasons for why he and his MTV Fandom Awards co-host Bella Thorne aren't together. "Her boyfriend is actually good friends with me, so we're definitely not.