TV Review: LAST RESORT – Season 1 – “Captain” – Series Premiere

(CBS News) TV viewers tonight will be faced with a menu that includes "Elementary," a drama that draws on the past, and "Last Resort," a series rooted firmly in the present. Both have won generally favorable reviews for their pilots and early episodes.

Welcome aboard the USS Colorado, a nuclear submarine with 99 problems, but its 18 ICBMs ain't one. Let's meet her crew. Andre Braugher plays Captain Marcus Chaplin (like Sean Connery in Red October), a grizzled

The first season of Last Resort typically airs Thursday nights at 8pm on the ABC network. The cast includes Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Daisy Betts, Robert Patrick, Daniel Lissing, Dichen Lachman, Camille de Pazzis, Sahr Ngaujah, Jessy Schrams, and

Action-thriller 24 captured the zeitgeist of fear following Sept. 11 that we were one successful terrorist act away from destruction and that any decision that secured the survival of the United States was correct, ethics and

Last-Resort.jpg. The most ambitious new drama of the fall, ABC's thriller Last Resort launched tonight from co-creators Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek. Below, the duo talk about the pilot's nuke-tastic ending, where the story is going from here, and