These J.C. Penney Announcements Will Blow Your Mind And Nobody Is …

This is the first Christmas in four years that J.C. Penney isn't confusing customers by discontinuing merchandise, killing coupons, introducing brands or having big chunks of its stores under construction. And its merchants and marketers have had a

JCPenney is apparently 11 hours less desperate for business than discount retailer Kmart, but 3 hours more desperate than it was last year. The department store chain announced today that it will open at 5 PM on 

JCPenney topped WalletHub's ranking of retailers by average discount, offering price cuts that are around 65.44 percent off retail prices. JCPenney was followed by Macy's (53.52 percent), Rite Aid (53.34 percent), Meijer (50.85 percent) and Sears (50

Betty Henderson, center, high fives Pat Phillips, left, at JCPenney at Stonebriar Centre on Thanksgiving Day Nov. 27, 2014 in Frisco. Both women were winners of the $100 off coupon. (Kirsten Kearse/The Dallas Morning News). It's fun watching people win 

According to WalletHub's analysis, JCPenney has the highest overall discount rate at 65 percent, followed by Macy's and Rite Aid. Costco has the lowest at 21 percent, the penultimate companies were and Big Lots. The overall average discount