Stewart Mandel: West Virginia could be in for season full of shootouts; more …

Geno Smith has laid a similar foundation, claiming his place as the frontrunner in the Heisman race with a 656-yard, eight-touchdown performance in West Virginia's 70-63 victory over Baylor in its Big 12 opener last Saturday.

The Longhorns' hotel in Oklahoma City didn't carry FX, so Brown couldn't watch the quarterback Texas plays next, Geno Smith, complete 45-of-51 passes for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. He did not see West Virginia put up 807 yards in its first Big 12

West Virginia defeated Baylor in an offensive slugfest that featured a combined 126 points and nearly 1500 total yards.

Smith led Mountaineers to 70-63 victory against Baylor last week.

With an epic performance in a win over Baylor, Geno Smith turned himself from Heisman candidate to Heisman favorite. The West Virginia quarterback threw more touchdowns than incomplete passes on Saturday when he rewrote the school's record books.