Red tide glows blue along the San Diego coast (photo)

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California Department of Fish and Game officials said the mass die-off was caused by an unusual and virulent red tide. "It is an unprecedented event," said Ian Taniguchi, the senior marine biologist for fish and game. "It's definitely going to affect

By Elizabeth Flock Along the San Diego coastline, after night falls, look closely and you might see a neon, purplish-blue light out in the ocean, an effect of the phenomenon of the “red tide.” Bioluminescent phytoplankton create their own light during

The presence of red tide in the Brownsville Ship Channel was confirmed by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ecologist on Thursday. Willy Cupit, a TPWD coastal ecologist based in Brownsville with the coastal fisheries division, said he'd

By David Sikes COASTAL BEND — Biologists on Thursday measured low concentrations of red tide algae cells in Corpus Christi Bay and between the jetties at Port Aransas. Local concentrations of the toxic algae midday Thursday were too low to kill fish