Producers: 'Son of God' will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike

Watching Son of God is a bit like listening to a pretty good tribute band doing a set list of Top 40 hits you have heard most of your life. The delivery is not bad, and the individual songs carry enough significance for you (both 

The highly-anticipated film “Son of God” premieres Friday, and producer Mark Burnett says his film should have a pretty sizeable built in audience . “In general media circles people can say that people get uncomfortable around God. But actually, more 

"The Lego Movie" has beaten back all challengers with ease the last few weeks, but the arrival of "Non-Stop," a new Liam Neeson thriller, and the religious saga "Son of God" may be too much for the family film. "Non-Stop" is projected to take in $20

Son Of God Movie Box Office Son Of God from Fox so far is the surprise of the weekend, taking in a phenom $1.2M Thursday in late-night shows that began at 10 PM. Universal's Non-Stop also did bang-up business beginning with 8 PM shows and a total of 

WWJD or WTF? CNN's Carol Costello thought Diogo Morgado's bod was a bit too bodacious for Jesus Christ in the new film “Son of God.” On Thursday, she grilled Catholic priest Rev. James Martin about the historical