Did Clint Eastwood tarnish his film legacy?

Rush Limbaugh praised Clint Eastwood's surprise appearance on the last day of the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, saying that he "loved" the star's speech. Eastwood took the stage on Thursday night just before Mitt Romney accepted the Republican

"God bless Clint Eastwood for coming and supporting Romney. It shows that he is interested in the outcome of America,” Oscar-winning producer Gerald Molen, who's latest project is the controversial documentary “2016: Obama's America,” told FOX411's Pop

Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican National Convention last night, talking to an empty chair on prime-time television as he chided President Obama, endorsed Mitt Romney as best man for the commander-in-chief job and summarized his positions by

Whether they agree or not with his politics, no matter how people feel about his films or the whole Dirty Harry thing, everyone loves Clint Eastwood. Actors love Clint, writers love Clint, other directors love Clint. In thousands of interviews across

Is this a trailer for the new Clint Eastwood film? A light-hearted buddy cop movies where a surly, rambling old man and his invisible friend with a penchant