Courageous: Film Review

The big winner this weekend is going to be a film called Courageous. If you've never heard of it, it's because it wasn't marketed for anyone but it's target audience, much like the Kirk Cameron film Fireproof. And it's from the same creators.

It is times like these that give new impetus to our prayers in which we ask that along with all the other blessings, Gd bless us with courage, or at least with courageous leaders. Today there are precious few leaders courageous enough to speak out

The Advantage actors featured in Courageous are Ben Davies, in his first feature-film role, as David Thomson, the youngest of the film's five main characters; T.C. Stallings, also making his film debut, playing T.J.; Angie Nelson in the role of

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But make no mistake, Courageous — a widely distributed production from Baptist-run Sherwood Pictures (aka God's movie studio) — is a two-hour-plus sermon about Jesus' desire for fathers to step up. It's not the longest religious experience of my life